Skilled foresters = better forests

The bilateral project  aims to contribute to the improvement of the current situation with making input to the creation of critical mass of the foresters with new thinking, achieving the project main goal.
GOAL OF THE PROJECT is to (i) increase competences, particularly practical knowledge and skills of forestry practitioners and forestry students in multifunctional close to nature forest management approaches and tools, (ii) establish training environment and develop the watershed condition assessment tool as well as (iii) expand the potential of foresters in forest related environmental education in Carpathian region of Ukraine using USFS experience and expertise.

  • US Foresrt Service International Programme
  • NGO Agency for sustainable development of the Carpathian region FORZA

Project duration:  August 2016 – November 2018
Financial support is provided by  the United States Department of Agriculture  Foresrt Service International Programme

The project activities consist of 4 working packages with total 16 activities:

  • WP 1. Capacity building of the foresters and student on multifunctional forest management and close to nature silviculture.
  • WP 2. Promotion of the watershed management approach in Ukrainian Carpathians using the adjusted and tested USFS Watershed Classification and Assessment Tracking Tool.
  • WP 3. Expanding the potential of foresters in forest related environmental education for children, youth and general public in Carpathian region of Ukraine.
  • WP 4. Project management, collaboration, internal evaluation and reporting.


NGO FORZA held this sunny Sunday learning forest in forest together with the participants of the meeting of 11 Young Forest Rangers Clubs, that were established within the framework of the project
The workshop, dedicated to the topic of starting your own rural tourism guesthouse took place in Volovets on April 12, 2018 under the project “Skilled foresters = Better forests” with the financial
On February 28, the workshop-training on forest pedagogy has been conducted in the premises of the State Agency  of Forest Resources of Ukraine for representatives of regional forest managemen
On November 23 and 24, all interested 3rd and 4th year students of the Forestry Department of Precarpathian National University in Ivano-Frankivsk got the opportunity to acquire and deepen theoreti
Come in Green - Support the Forest - Get a Prize! This Action was part of the Forest Fest in Uzhhorod on September 16, 2017.
Two-day training on close-to-nature silviculture and multifunctional forest management took place on the 13-14th of June in the Carpathian Regional Training Center within the framework o