Forest, birds and eco-quest

NGO FORZA held this sunny Sunday learning forest in forest together with the participants of the meeting of 11 Young Forest Rangers Clubs, that were established within the framework of the project implemented by the Charity Fund “Center for Public Initiatives” with the financial support of the US Forestry Service. The Rangers had the opportunity to feel themselves as real foresters: they worked in teams and made the description of the trees, measuring of their height, diameter with application of two methods (using a measuring plug and a tape), assessed the state of the tree. During the second session, they talked about forest birds, listened to their singing, answered quiz questions, painted bird-whistles. After lunch everyone took part in the ecological quest, and at each of the points they performed certain forest-related tasks, collecting points. After the final competition for leaders of teams and the “Cinderella Competition”, when it was necessary to sort the various forest fruits and seeds, the results of the day were summed up, all children received small souvenirs from the NGO FORZA, and the most interesting was to wait for the results of the quest. The team “Carpathian forest” won, but the team “Vodograj” was really one step away from victory. So, we hope that this day has helped the young forest rangers to learn more about the forest, and the foresters - to get acquainted with the activities of forest pedagogy. We would like to thank to all the rangers for the participation, to the club's foresters - for professional support during the day, to the Charity Fund “Center for Public Initiatives” - for the invitation and hospitality, to the State Enterprise "Perechyn Forest range” - for the given measuring plug, as well as for the forest fruits and seeds, to Transcarpathian Forest Administration - for hats “Transcarpathian forests”! All our photos from the meeting here: