Forest walk for practical knowledge and experience

On November 23 and 24, all interested 3rd and 4th year students of the Forestry Department of Precarpathian National University in Ivano-Frankivsk got the opportunity to acquire and deepen theoretical knowledge of the multifunctional close to nature forestry during the practical workshop conducted within the framework of "Skilled Foresters = Better Forests" project.
The program of the training’s first day was aimed at understanding of the importance of applying multifunctional close-to-nature silviculture approaches in order to preserve and effectively use the forests of the Ukrainian Carpathians by current students – foresters in the nearest future.
Professors, Shparik Yurii and Viter Roman, Ph.D., associate professors of the Department of Forestry of the Precarpathian National University named after Vasil Stefanik, and Yurii Derbal, expert of the NGO FORZA, explained the essence, theoretical and organizational foundations of the multifunctional close-to-nature silviculture, they highlighted its basic principles, differences and advantages in comparison with traditional clear-cut forest management. The speakers emphasized the methods and conditions of the application of close-t-nature silviculture at different stages of tree stand development, as well as perspective forestry measures and regulatory acts that promote its implementation in forestry practice.
The next day, in the forest, the students were acquainted with the main characteristics and indicators of the state of the vertical and horizontal structure of the tree stands. These stands were grown by the age classes method and with application of the close-to-nature silviculture approaches. Purpose, features and results of forestry interventions were explained at the training demonstration plots "Mizhhirya" and "Maniava", established in the forests of Rosylniansky and Maniavsky forest ranges of the State Enterprise "Solotvyno Forest Management Unit". Guided tours of the mentioned objects can be found at the NGO FORZA web-site by the following links:
At demonstration sites students got to know about the consequences and forestry efficiency of natural processes occurring in the forest, in particular - the use of processes of natural regeneration, self-isolation, natural clarification from branches, natural selection to improve the productivity of forest stands, protect multi-functional forest properties and functions to avoid unproductive efforts and costs.

Students, that in few years will start their carrier in forestry sector tried out and discussed practical close to nature silviculture solutions that aim more effective use of the forests of the Ukrainian Carpathians in nature-friendly way.
Photos of NGO “FORZA” can be found at the link:

Additionally: “Skilled foresters = better forests” project is implemented in the framework and under the financial support of the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service International Programme. The project goal is to increase competences, particularly practical knowledge and skills of forestry practitioners and forestry students in multifunctional close to nature forest management approaches and tools.