YES project comes to the end, smart energy consumption goes on

At the end of December final meeting of the project partners of “YES - Young Energy Specialists against energy waste in cross-border schools” project took place in Baia Mare. Meeting participants, representatives of partner organizations: AMEMM Energy Management Agency of Maramures, FORZA Agency, pilot schools #1 and #16 from Mukachevo and Anghel Saligny college and Pentacostal school from Baia Mare, education department of Mukachevo city council and regional school inspectorate of Maramures became the first who visited newly established energy education center SEED.
Energy education center SEED is established in the former residence of Nicolae Ceaushescu, former communist leader and the president of Romania. The building of the residence started new life and opened doors to children and youth, who are interested in alternative energy sources, possibilities of energy saving and saving costs. The building itself serves as a demonstration object; it is equipped with photovoltaics, solar collectors for hot water, geo-thermal power pump and wind energy station. All these elements connected to the software, used also at smartphone to track and control energy production depending on weather conditions and demand of the SEED center users.
At the final seminar manager of the project, Adina Dumitru and project coordinator, Lesya Loyko, presented results and achievements of the project YES both in Zakarpattya region and Maramures and summarized work done throughout the project life. Students of the School Energy Management Teams had a chance to work with wonderful tools and demo models of alternative energy sources. For example, using desk lamp as an artificial sun and mini-solar panels, which produce energy. Depending on the solar rays angle change, which simulates movement of the sun in the sky, the dependence of the solar energy production could be observed and analyzed. Other example, mini-wind power mill and the fan which served as a wind power, connected to energy meter, demonstrated production of wind energy. Students were also very much interested in the hydrogen engine car model and the process of production and use of this alternative fuel.
Interesting part of the program was the presentation of School Energy Management Teams from Ukraine and Romania, which prepared information about their knowledge and skills, received within this project. And because the meeting took place before the Christmas and New Year, students also presented Christmas traditions of their countries. Ukrainian students explained traditional Christmas cuisine and table decoration traditions, showed a scene and sang Carrols to their Romanian friends. Romanian team together with their teachers and coaches also sang beautiful traditional Carrols in Romanian.
Ukrainian delegation is grateful to Romanian colleagues for warm hospitality and interesting program in Baia Mare and for the possibility once more to see that small changes in our attitude can bring to significant shift in energy consumption and reduction of pollution and global warming.
All partners agreed that they will work in awareness raising and sustainable energy consumption promotion among school students, youth and adults in their countries and will look for options to continue cross-border cooperation.
Additional info: “YES - Young Energy Specialists against energy waste in cross-border schools” project is being implemented since October 2013 until December 2015 in framework of the Cross-border cooperation Program Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENPI for 2007-2013, under priority 4: Support people to people cooperation, Measure 4.2. Small scale “People to people” cooperation.
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