Uzhhorod pupils joined YES project activities

On December 24, 2015, the training on energy-efficiency had been conducted for pupils of 7-8 grades in Uzhhorod specialized school №5 with advanced study of foreign languages in the framework of the project «YES - Young Energy Specialists against energy waste in cross-border schools". Despite the fact that the holidays started, inquiring students came to school, and they played and learned at the same time, because the training took place in the form of a game. Trainer from Kiev Catherine Miroshnichenko even acquainted with the pupils in the game format: she invited children to come up with a name on energy efficient topics that start with the same letter as their name. Consequently, Dasha became Diode, Vladik - Volty etc.
Pupils of 7 grades were tasked to draw a tree, where the roots were the problems of environmental pollution due to the use of fossil fuels, in the trunk - the consequences of this problem, and branches - solutions, such as, for example, does not use energy needlessly, etc. There were held some games for pupils to move, for example, participants were divided into teams and were given a piece of paper with a symbol of the source of energy on it. The participants had to find those participants who represent the same source of energy as they did. The exercise was conducted in silence, only via gestures.
Another such game was the energy saving range, when all the students stand in a circle and “transferred energy" without loss one by one. Transmitted energy was considered successful when the participant claps hands simultaneously with the first member on the left, and then - with the second on the right. Thus energy has to circle with minimal losses.
Pupils of 8 grades conducted research of energy sources - each team made table where they wrote down the known sources of energy, specific features of energy use from these sources (problems) and which of these sources of energy are present in Ukraine. One more task was to connect the halves of aphorisms concerning the topics of energy efficiency: participants received one piece of aphorism, and among the particles spread out on the floor they had to find the second part of the sentence, like "To cut tropical forests for fuel wood - it's like making a fire from Renaissance pieces of art».
Since classes were held during the Christmas holidays, the positive effects of the work and received new information were consolidated via awarding kids small prizes and refreshment, which was organized by the NGO FORZA. All children received also the brochure, prepared in the framework of YES project- «Being ECO – is fun ', that provides tips on wise use of energy and resources. Hopefully, information, got by pupils, will help the conservation of the planet's resources, because all great things should start with small things that you do yourself.
We are grateful to the school №5 for the interest in the project and for cooperation within the educational activities of the project.
Additional info: “YES - Young Energy Specialists against energy waste in cross-border schools” project is being implemented since October 2013 until December 2015 in framework of the Cross-border cooperation Program Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENPI for 2007-2013, under priority 4: Support people to people cooperation, Measure 4.2. Small scale “People to people” cooperation.
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