Students from Mukachevo schools learned how to make solar water heating collectors

ЗDue to the collaboration of two ENPI projects students of Mukachevo schools participated in master-class on making of solar collectors.
On 4th of November students of two Mukachevo schools - #1 and #16, together with teachers participated in master-class organized by the Zakarpattya Association of students of economics together with Chaslivtsi village council in framework of international project “SUNRISE – Sustainable use of natural resources by small enterprises”.
Participating students are members of School energy management teams, created in order to learn more deeply issues of energy efficiency and energy saving and for the monitoring of energy situation of school buildings within the implementation of the project “YES - Young Energy Specialists against energy waste in cross-border schools”, being implemented by NGO FORZA together with the Agency of energy management of Maramures AMEMM.
During the master-class students learned both theoretical basics of alternative energy sources, solar energy use principles, solar panels (photovoltaics) and solar collectors operational aspects, materials which can be used in solar collector manufacturing etc and with some of the practical operations used in solar collector production, namely cutting of metal sheet, bending of copper pipes and expanding of endings for jointing with the water supply network.
Economic aspect of the solar panel production was discussed as well as one of the targets of SUNRISE project was to develop the model of solar collector with the most appropriate price/quality ration in order to ensure sustainability of future manufacturing of solar collectors for private households and social buildings. Developed within the project SUNRISE solar collector is of the area 1,35 m2 effective for heating of water from March to October and with two of such collectors it is possible to provide about 100 l of warm water up to 55 °С, what is enough for the family of four people.
Participants of the master-class were 3 teachers and 12 students. At the end of the training they received invitation to come once more for the next master-classes, and bring own materials for the solar collector, which they plan to manufacture.