What we offer

Sustainable development of the Carpathian region includes many topics and issues in which we are ready to collaborate on with authorities and non-governmental organizations, universities and research institutes, other institutions and active citizens - result-oriented partners, around new projects and activities, aimed at sustainable development of people and nature in Carpathian region.

We offer:

Cooperation in:

  • Sustainable forestry development 
  • Involvement of communities to integrated multi-stakeholder planning 
  • Community development and mobilization 
  • Climate change adaptation 
  • Energy efficiency and energy saving in educational institutions
  • Cluster analysis and cluster formation 
  • Marketing of wooden products
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises potential development
  • Preparation to forest certification 
  • Development and promotion of sustainable tourism
  • Decentralization and efficient management
  • Public awareness raising
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Forest policy development

Support in:

  • Project proposal writing, project management, coordination and administration 
  • Training development and carrying out of 
  • Study tours and professional visits organization 
  • Organization and facilitation of workshops, conferences, round table discussions 
  • Design and publication of promo-materials, public relations