Resource efficiency at wood processing companies: experience from furniture factory Gelika

On June 18th, 2015 FORZA NGO visited furniture factory Gelika, one of the leader companies in Ukraine producing furniture for schools, kindergartens, libraries, offices, with production facilities in Vinnitsya and its neighborhood.

During meeting with Deputy Director on Marketing Sergii Romanyuk we discussed the issues of efficiency of resource and energy use, which are central to the international research project RERAM: Bridging the gap between research and innovation in resource efficiency and raw material consumption.

The company carries out heating of their production and office premises, heating of water by using their own production wastes – sawdust and remnants from cutting the particle board and cardboard for packaging. It is worth mentioning that dry sawdust is collected and accumulated throughout the year, enabling the company even in cold winters to heat the premises with their own resources.

The Chief Power Engineer Volodymyr Jaschyshyn showed the boiler room and mentioned that 250 big bags with sawdust were consumed for heating during the heating season of 2014-2015. For the heating season of 2015-2016, 310 big bags are expected to be accumulated. According to Volodymyr, the boiler installed at Gelika, by its emissions ranks among the most environment friendly ones in Vinnitsa. Extremely high temperatures of the boiler’s combustion chamber and vacuum sealing provide a complete breakdown of formaldehyde glues and resins, avoiding environment pollution. Repeated inspections of Environmental Protection Authority confirmed the uniqueness of this incineration method.

Sergii Romanyuk noted that when it comes to efficient resource and energy use, there is always a room for improvement, and the company would be very much interested in specific advice from the RERAM experts and other consultants as to more efficient use of resources, use of alternative energy sources and optimized production process.