FORZA gained official membership in the Working Group of Civil Society Organizations of Ukraine on issues of Climate Change

Regular meeting of the Working Group of Ukrainian NGOs on issues of climate change gathered representatives of 14 organizations-members of the WG in order to discuss results and achievements of the group throughout its history of work, review positions and resources of the group and define fields of interventions and activities in 2016.
Our organization was quite closely cooperating with many of the organizations of the group and participated in joint work of the group throughout last two years, and now we have gained an official membership.
The Working Group of Ukrainian NGOs on issues of climate change can be proud of: 17 years of work in field of national and local policies on issues of climate change and awareness raising/ educational activity; 26 organizations, who work and have expertise in different fields, thus enriching the group with professionals, knowledge and partners; participation of civil society in international policy processes around issues of climate change; successful community mobilization; won court cases regarding proper use of funds for the projects aimed at climate change mitigation.  
More information about the Working Group, its goal, history of operation, participants and issues for consideration you may find at the web-site of the group:
Throughout two-day meeting of the Working Group participants revised and analyzed strong and weak points of the group, opportunities for future activity and possible external threats, later on based on this analysis participants defined main fields/ directions of work for the current year, namely: activity on the improvement of national policy; changes in local policies; educational activities and mobilization of people. Besides this, technical issues of the group work procedures, communication and collaboration among member organizations were discussed during this meeting.