Open-air class becomes more and more attended: pictures and video

NGO FORZA has established and organized just recently  (at the 17-th of July) an official opening of the wooden "Green class" for outdoor learning - a location that, without exaggeration, will serve not only to increase the number of visitors to the botanical garden, but also to the improving of their awareness and comfort of stay in the botanical garden of Uzhhorod National University.
 "After classes children eager to walk, but still, when their forces are not enough, then they can sit down. Therefore, the "Green Class" is also useful because there are benches to sit. We have established several information stands, which can be used for educational purposes. And for all tourists, the card-scheme of the Botanical garden can be especially useful as they help to orientate in the territory and see all the interesting plants ", - says Oksana Kurtyak, head of the laboratory of the Botanical Garden within Uzhhorod National University.
The class is arranged in such a way that visitors can learn from five informational stands about the rare plants that grow in this area, and the period of flowering of favorite plants, as well as the history of the botanical garden, the location of collections and rules of behavior in the garden. There is a training board is an integral attribute of each class, on which, if necessary, the teacher will be able to provide additional information. There are also 8 benches for 40 seating places.
According to the words of Oksana Kurtyak, Uzhhorod schoolchildren has already visited open-air class during their excursions within the framework of preschool camps and highly appreciated this location, and there were also the excursions of pupils of the schools of Anatolovtsi and Velyka Dobron villages (see photo). According to Mrs. Oksana Kurtyak, Uzhhorod schoolchildren visited Uzhhorod's excursions within the framework of preschool camps and appreciated the novelty, excursions and pupils of the schools of Anatolovtsi and Great Dobron (photos are annexed).
The green class has been established thanks to the help and support of the management and staff of the Uzhhorod National University Botanical Garden, as well as the financial support of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the US Forest Service (USFS) as part of the "FOR SOC: Forests for Society - Forest without Barriers" project.
We invite teachers and pupils from the Uzhhorod and Transcarpathian oblast schools to use the green class for having lessons on specific topics of their curriculum.
There were used materials from the Internet resource” Zakarpattia correspondent” for the preparation of information.

Photos of NGO FORZA from opening ceremony -

Video interview with representatives of the Botanical Garden about the green class:

Video interview with representatives of  NGO FORZA about the green class:

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