The start of DETLUP project

DETLUP Project “Development through land use planning” that aims to improve knowledge of representatives of local and regional government, NGOs and regional planners about good land use plan for successful economic and social development, has started its operation in September 2015.
Representatives of organizations-partners from Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Moldova and Ukraine met in Kosice to discuss aims, activities, ways of implementation and expected results from the project supported by International Visegrad Fund. The Manager of the project’s Lead Partner Mr. Dusan Burak presented his experience and findings in the topic of spatial planning in Slovakia, and pointed out the benefits and significance of this approach to the sustainable development of settlements and local communities. According to him, the bottom line of the territorial planning process in Slovakia is to involve communities to decision making process, and therefore, to cause a feeling of belonging to the town/city or village development process.
The project partners agreed about the approaches of how to work, in particular, the perspective plan and action plan for the next six months. In the next months, project partners will prepare the information of the status of special planning in their countries, including the system in place and legislation in effect, problems and prospects, best approaches in planning and practical examples.
Trainings are an important element of the project. They will take place in various cities of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. For the thorough preparation of trainings, the V4 Visegrad countries’ trainers need to form an accurate understanding of the mentioned situation to be able to then develop well-aimed advice for its improvement.
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