Virtual Climate Language Trips during European Mobility Week

What is it about? European Mobility Week from 16th to 22nd of September is a European Initiative with the aim to promote climate-friendly mobility. Many school projects, especially pupils exchange trips to other European countries, were cancelled due to the COVID 19 pandemic. So we decided to organise video chats during the European Mobility Week 2020 to give pupils the chance to get in contact and communicate with each other virtually. Pupils from 7th grade up (age ~ 13 years and older) will discuss climate-friendly mobility and their experiences. An expert from Austria will start the chat with a short impulse. Focus is the verbal exchange of the pupils, who reflect their daily mobility behavior and, at the same time, improve their English language skills. - How do I come to school? - How do I move in my leisure time? - What are my travel plans for the holidays? - What are the country-specific or local conditions like in the climate-friendly mobility? are the few questions, which can be prepared in class in advance. The Video-Chats will be carried out via Microsoft Teams or Zoom and last about 45 minutes. Moderation will be done by the participating teacher. If you are interested in organising such a „Climate Language Trip“ or have any questions, please contact the EMW National Coordinator in Ukraine Lesya Loyko, #MobilityWeek