Selection of companies for ZOW goes on

Only 6 months left until one of the biggest international fair for suppliers to the furniture and interior design industries ZOW - starts.This is where suppliers and decision-makers come together, where trends for the furniture industry and interior fittings are developed. Ukrainian wood processing companies still have some time to get prepared for participation. Even more so, since SIPPO offers for Ukrainian wood processing companies its collective stand at the ZOW at the minimum cost. Companies like Eskada-M (Rivne), Grand-M (Ternopil) and Krokwood (Zakarpatska obl.) have already expressed t heir interest to ZOW, and on August 10-12, FORZA has visited the companies to see their products – veneered furniture panels, decorative grating, furniture panel. Now the ball is the SIPPO’s court - they are s to make a decision about how many Ukrainian companies can participate at the SIPPO collective stand at the ZOW, February 16-19, Germany.