RERAM: enlarging collaboration to Hungary

Team members of FORZA NGO, one of Ukrainian partners of RERAM project, got interested in the experience of Hungarian forest management closed joint stock company Bakonyerdo in terms of timber raw material use efficiency taking into consideration the fact that forest management, harvesting and processing of timber is done within one enterprise. Forest enterprise Bakonyerdo manages 62 400 hectares of land, consisting of 10 division, out of which 8 – forest management units and 2 – production units, namely sawmill and parquet production. During the visit foresters of Zakarpatty and NGO FORZA members that took place 9-13.06.2015 had a possibility to see almost all chain of growth and processing timber, starting from the nursery of main forest species, proceeding to the forest plots with Pro Silva management approach, ensuring continuous forest cover and sustainable timber harvesting, to the parquet production. One of the management divisions of Bakonyerdo CJSC is parquet production BEFAG, currently the largest in Hungary production of parquet from natural timber. Up to date parquet production with annual production turnover of 730 thous. m2 and distribution to more than 20 countries of the world, is using, first of all, own ram materials and buying parquet parts from other suppliers from Hungary and abroad, including Ukraineі, which supplies oak lamella for top layer of the engineered parquet. During the excursion, Director of parquet production Mr. Imre Shomody pointed out, that since foundation in 1976 and throughout recent decade, the main task of the work was improve energy-efficiency and raw material efficiency of the equipment and technologies along with ready product quality improvement, in order to increase competitiveness and anchor position on the market. Three years ago there was a new finishing line installed, in line with recent market requirements, worth investments of 780 mil. HUF. BEFAG is interested in innovations, particularly, since few years enterprise has started to use antibacterial coating of the parquet, what has brought quality award to the enterprise. In order to decrease production waste, in 2008 enterprise has invested into improvement of the boiler house (which operates with production waste), and into drying chambers, which now meet the strict regulations of EU, what allowed to increase capacity and improve quality of drying chamber operation. Among the long-term plans of the enterprise is further technology improvement and new products development along with increase of production volumes up to 1.2 mil. m2. RERAM expert Yuriy Derbal mentioned, that in Ukraine such examples of combination of forest management and timber processing functions at present time are rather exception that the rule, therefore this experience of state forest enterprise work is especially interesting for identification of approaches and ways to reform forest management as it has been declared by the government of Ukraine in accordance with its decentralization policy. FORZA NGO will provide BEFAG production with the guidelines “Resource efficiency of the wood processing enterprises”, which is being prepared for publishing within RERAM project. With the aim to improve international business links of the enterprise, the first contact between BEFAG and new potential supplier from Ukraine had been made within the project. The next step in development of cooperation between Bakonyerdo CJSC and FORZA NGO is coming visit of Hungarian colleagues to Zakarpattya, during which, among other program topics, they plan to visit wood-processing companies.