Joint Field Seminar on hydrological role of forests will take place onn July 7-8 in Uzhhorod and Perechyn district

Invitation to the HYDROFOR event in Ukraine
Dear colleagues,
We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the HYDROFOR project partners in Ukraine plan to conduct Field workshop for forest management authorities within the “HYDROFOR: Systems of optimal forest management for enhancing the hydrological role of forests in preventing the floods in Bodrog river catchment” project.
Title: Hydrological role of forests and ways if its strengthening
Duration: July 7-8, 2015 from 10:00 to 17:00 (UA time)
Place: Transcarpathian Forest and Hunting Administration, Uzhhorod and Uzh river watershed (field part)
Target audience: foresters, forest owners, representatives of forest administrations, national parks, environmental organisations, water management, forestry universities, inventory specialists from Ukraine and Slovakia
The event is aimed at:

  • informing the target audience about the project results and proposed measures to improve the forest management practices in order to prevent the floods. Mediating and supporting dialog and information exchange between the foresters of two countries
  • field demonstration of relations between forest management and flood risk

Topics to be covered:

  • Presentation of the Hydrofor project results
  • Strengthening the hydrological role of forests as important task of nowadays
  • Impact of forest transport network on hydrological function of forest areas
  • Visit to the Project demonstration plot HYDROFOR- Perechyn.
  • Visit to the old growth forest of Beech and Douglas fir.  Discussion of Forest types and Forest management practices suitable for decreasing of flood risk
  • Visit to multifunctional system of private ponds that serve for flood protection of enterprise

The above topics and identified problems will be discussed by participants.
Please inform us about your decision in advance to enable us to organise your visit.
The overnight, food and in country travel costs will of the participants be covered out of HYDROFOR budget costs.

Program of the event:


for foresters, forest planners, specialists of water management and nature protection
from cross-border area of Ukraine and Slovakia
Uzhhorod, Perechyn, forests areas Perechyn district
July 7-8, 2015


Time Topic of presentation/discussion Speaker/Moderator
July 7, 2015, Transcarpathian Forest and Hunting Administration (TFHA), Uzhhorod, Sobranetska str., 156
9:00-9:30 Registration of participants, coffee All participants
9:30-9:50 Welcome
Mykhaylo Lypchey, Head of TFHA
Lesya Loyko, FORZA NGO Head
9:50-10:00 Introduction of participants All participants
10:00-10:15 Aims, tasks and results of HYDROFOR project: Systems of optimal forest management for enhancing the hydrological role of forests in preventing the floods in Bodrog river catchment Lesya Loyko
10:15-10:45 Hydrological role of forests in the Uzh river watershed Vasyl Parpan, Doctor of Science, Professor, Director of Ukrainian research institution of Mountain Forestry
10:45-11:15 The risks of floods – important to   consider in forest management practices Yuriy Derbal, sustainable forest management expert of FORZA NGO
11:15-11:30 Coffee break  
11:30-12:00 Strengthening the hydrological functions of forest areas by improving the forest infrastructure Volodymyr Korzhov, PhD, First Deputy director of Ukrainian research institution of Mountain Forestry
12:00-12:15 Questions and answers All participants
12:15-12:45 Video about the causes of flooding and dehydration as a result of climate change and adaptation measures All participants
12:45-13:30 Transfer of participants to the lunch All participants, minivan
13:30-14:30 Lunch in Turyanska Dolyna cafe  
July 7, 2015, Perechyn, State enterprise  «Perechyn forest management»
14:30-15:00 Transfer to the artificial water reservoirs of Štefan Vaľo All participants
15:00-15:45 Presentation of the multifunctional system of artificial reservoirs and activities towards the improvement of water regime of the enterprise and flood protection Štefan Vaľo, owner of woodprocessing enterprise «Samver», activist for  improvement of  the hydrological situation
15:45-16:15 Transfer to the Babayovo forest area All participants
16:15-17:45 Excursion on the demonstration plot «HYDROFOR-Perechyn»: old growth beech forests, re-cultivation of skidding trail, the new forest road - simple engineering constructions Yuriy Urban, forester
Vasyl Parpan
Volodymyr Korzhov
17:45-18:30 Coffee break in the forest  
18:30-19:00 Transfer to Uzhhorod All participants
19:00-19:30 Check in hotel «Uzhhorod»  
19:30-21:00 City walk and dinner All participants
July 8, 2015, Perechyn district, State enterprise  «Perechyn forest management»
7:30-8:30 Breakfast in the hotel  
8:30-9:15 Transfer to Turya Remeta village –  Turya Remeta forestry to the plot of Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga taxifolia)

All participants
9:15-10:45 Excursion on the forest seed plot– genetic reserve of Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga taxifolia), information about the plot Yuriy Meshko, forester
Yuriy Derbal
10:45-11:15 Transfer to Poroshkovo village –  Poroshkovo forestry to the plot Fir ( Abies Alba)  
11:15-11:45 Coffee break in the forest  
11:45-12:15 Excursion to the forest seed plot of Fir ( Abies Alba) – forest management activities, discussion of the formation of mixed unevenaged forests   Mykhaylo Korol, forester
Yuriy Derbal
12:15-12:45 Transfer to Voevodyno forest area All participants
12:45-13:45 System of water regulation at the family resort Voevodyno (river drops and embankment protection on streams, trout ponds, artificial lake, drainage channels, etc.) Yuriy Meshko, forester
Representative of Voevodyno
14:00-15:30 Lunch in Voevodyno  
15:30-16:00 Summary of the workshop Lesya Loyko, all
16:00 Departure of participants