Close to Nature and Multifunctional Forest Management in Carpathian region of Ukraine and Slovakia

Manual on Close to Nature and Multifunctional Forest Management in Carpathian region of Ukraine and Slovakia is a result of joint intellectual work of Ukrainian and Slovakian foresters - researchers and practitioners. Need in such publication in Ukraine has ripen some time ago, although now this manual is especially relevant in context of global trends toward sustainable forest management as well as due to foreight affairs policy of Ukraine and in accordance with sighned international agreements and conventions regarding natural environment and forests in particular. We express our acknowledgement to Slovakian colleagues for their leadership in preparation of this manual, to Ukrainian and Slovakian authors of this publication, particularly those of Slovakian part: Rudolf Bruchanik, Zuzana Sarvashova and Peter Jaloviar, of Ukrainian part: Yaroslav Genyk, Ivan Delehan, Yuriy Derbal, Olesya Kaspruk, Yevheniya Kremenetska, Hryhoriy Krynytskyy, Volodymyr Korzhov, Vasyl Lavnyy, Stepan Miklush, Vasyl Parpan, Volodymyr Revutskyy, Mykola Rekovets, Mykola Chernyavskyy, Yuriy Shparyk, Myron Shpilchak, for their input to this publication. This publication is prepared in Ukrainian and Slovakian languages with the intention to give Ukrainian and Slovakian foresters, who live close to each other and manage forests, which grow in similar natural conditions, possibility to learn in details forest management heritage, current state, perspectives and innovations in forest management of their neighbours. We do hope very much that this book will be used by forestry practitioners, managers, forest inventory specialists, students and teachers of silviculture and forest management and will become an impulse and significant argument for introduction of new approaches to the daily forest management practices. We are greatful to European Union and Swiss Confederation for financial support of the project "Foresters towards Lifelong Learning for Better Forest Management", in framework of which present publication was prepared and published.