FORZA is always happy to host friends!

Just recently our good friend Erich Oberholzer visited FORZA with personal visit. Erich is not only a good friend for all of us, he can be considered as one of the the "God Fathers" of FORZA as an NGO, because he helped a lot during the most difficult period of NGO etsablishment - at the very beginning. That time we wrote our first project proposal, that tutrned out to be very successful project - Life Long Learning for foresters. And Erich with his great experience helped us to prepare the project proposal, despite the fact that Erich is a practicla forester, not a "document - producer". And so we appreciate his input even more! Then Erich participated several times as volunteer during practical trainings for foresters in the Carpathian region and his wise, but at the same time very understandable manner of training, with big respect to the trained foresters and their previous experience, touched our foresters, and we are sure the seeds of close to nature silviculture will give good harvest in the future. Except of professional help, Erich Oberholzer is very wise and positive, supportive and attentive person, that in any situation cheers us up. This time Erich came for a few days and we already look forward to his next visit that will be longer!